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Every summer, FLIS waves goodbye to graduates and welcomes new students, and 2020 is another harvest! We have been receiving good news from time to time about our students being accepted into prestigious universities abroad for some time now. Since the end of 2019, students have received admission notices from prestigious schools in the UK, Australia, Europe, and the US. As early summer approaches, we are excited to announce to you that Jenna, one of this year's outstanding graduates, has also received admission notices from prestigious Canadian universities!

The FLIS teachers see Jenna as a bright, shy, enthusiastic, and thoughtful person. She grew up in an enlightened, bookish household: her father, who was one of the first technologically talented people to come to study in the U.S., gave her a great deal of freedom in a relaxing learning environment; the mother, as a university teacher, provided much support and influence in her daughter's future university education. Growing up in such a family, it seemed logical to choose a major in education.

After many conversations with the student herself, FLIS college counselors were able to determine her future goals in both Canada and Hong Kong. Jenna's mother was involved in her daughter's choice of major, choosing business and education as her top choices. Throughout the application process, Jenna was very positive and willing to share and discuss every detail of the application with FLIS college counselors. In the summer before the application season, Jenna scored 7.0 on the IELTS, making her a very competitive candidate for top schools.

結果令人喜出望外。今年早些時候,我們極其興奮的收到了來自溫哥華的好消息:Jenna被綜合排名第一的西蒙菲沙大學(Simon Fraser University)錄取。這是一所多么優秀的大學!在2020年權威的麥考林雜志中排名加拿大綜合類大學第一。SFU是一所充滿活力、面向現代世界的大學,以其創新性課程、重視學術卓越和活潑的校園生活多年來一直位居加拿大優秀大學之列,有世界一流的教師授課,還有一群擁有學習熱情且具有天分的學生。Jenna錄取的專業為教育,該專業在加拿大本科階段的申請難度極高。不僅如此,Jenna同學還陸續收到了幾份來自其他加拿大大學的錄取通知書!
The results were overwhelming. Earlier this year, we were extremely excited to receive the good news from Vancouver that Jenna received the admission notice from Simon Fraser University (SFU). What a great university this is! Ranked #1 in Canada's comprehensive university category by the Maclean’s in 2020, SFU is Canada's most community-engaged research university, a dynamic, future-oriented university with vibrant campuses in British Columbia's largest municipalities — Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey — and deep roots in partner communities throughout the province and around the world. SFU has for many years ranked among Canada's top universities for its innovative programs, emphasis on academic excellence, and lively campus life. The university has a world-class faculty and a group of talented students who are passionate about learning. The major that Jenna was accepted for is Education, which is extremely difficult to be admitted to at the undergraduate stage in Canada. In addition, Jenna has also received several admission notices from other Canadian universities!

Come with a dream, ride on a dream. Congratulations again to Jenna! And may each student develop their skills and talents happily and confidently at FLIS to become a competent and competitive college freshman!